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A "cookie" is a small piece of information, like a tag, which websites store on your PC or mobile phone to identify your computer. Identifying individual computers allows websites to do things like personalise your browsing experience based on your previous actions. Please note that our cookies can't harm your computer, and we don't store personally identifiable information such as credit card details in the cookies we create.

At vojonroshik.com, we use cookies to try to give you the easiest and most simple possible browsing experience. “System” cookies are used to allow the proper functioning of our website. For example, strictly necessary cookies remember your postcode between the pages you visit, so that you don’t have to enter it more than once. The same cookie gives the added benefit that your postcode is stored for the next time you visit the website - even if it’s a week later! Strictly necessary cookies are also used to enable site-wide special offers, as well as to decide whether to display the standard website or the mobile version, along with other simple functionality uses.

Cookies also help us to understand the traffic that comes to vojonroshik.com, and what it does when it gets there. We call these “Performance” cookies, and they don’t store any personalized information that could be used to identify you. They are there to help us identify what pages people visit, what works best and worst about our website, and how well our advertising performs. The information is aggregated together by independent third parties and we can use it only to see numbers of people taking certain actions (eg placing an order, or leaving the website from a certain page). This information stays aggregated together and is not tied back to individual customer records.

Finally, we also use “Targeting cookies”. We have relationships with carefully-selected suppliers, who may also set cookies during your visit to be used for remarketing purposes - in other words to show you different products and services based on what you appear to be interested in, whilst you browse around the internet. If you would like to opt out of this type of cookie, please go to the Network Advertising Initiative website.

Disabling all cookies (Not recommended)

If you wish to block all cookies on your computer, we can't predict how our website will perform during your visit. However, if you still wish to, it is possible to do so using your web browser settings.

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